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Swimming for survival

Open water swimming from a trans perspective

Over the winter, I nearly died. Not from anything other than frustration and dysphoria. There were two things that really stopped me and that is a good therapist and open water swimming. It’s my intention to fill this page with all of the things I get from cold water swimming and even facts and figures occasionally! 

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New horizons

There will soon be a different beach, a different bunch of people and different smiles. I am going to Northern Ireland for a pre-move...

Tw: misery-ish

The other night, I was up fairly late and considering going to sleep (I’d had a week long manic episode and could only think about sleep...

What should I take swimming?

So I'm going to make a list of things I consider vital for your first swim. The different seasons obviously affect what you might want to...

Trans Euphoria

There are very few places, or times that I can say I looked at myself and went 'awwww yea'. However, I'm doing it more and more these...

Taking Pride in swimming

I went swimming on the 26/6/2021 with Swim Freedom (Swim Freedom | Your Swimming Adventure) as part of the LEAP Sports Festival Fortnight...

Taking my top off in public

So here's a new thing I would like to write about. I think this will be a short post and it may get ranty and a bit... free the nipple-y....

I showed the sea my cute nips

Before I get in to this, I want to say something - do not do this without thinking it through. It i not 100% safe given that it can...

Dysphoria and The Sea

I am a water baby. Always have been. I grew up near the sea and have been attracted to places on the coast ever since I moved out of the...

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