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We're falling this way, that way, over the Irish Sea...

This blog comes with a request, or demand, if you will. Please read it with Grace Petrie's Storm to Weather playing. Her song explains my situation with Megan I think better than I can.

'Now there are miles and glass and distance

From the beating of your strong and steady heart

And if it sinks

My darling thеn

Just close your eyes

And think of whеn

When you'll be in my arms again'

Megan and I got together Halloween before lockdown. She lives in Northern Ireland and so we didn't get to see each other much, and then lockdown happened and we didn't see each other at all for the better part of two years together. But we did things together like being involved in one another's hobbies and talking most days about inane stuff and not so inane stuff. And then we discussed our various mental and physical issues and decided to try open water swimming. Megan got in to it first and I followed shortly after. We would discuss wetsuits and jellyfish as well as talking about marine life and being disgusted by certain things. We bonded further and then when it finally came to my time to go over there, finally, naturally we were keen to swim together. I had no idea of what was to come.

We splashed around and I enjoyed the beautiful clear waters of Helen's Bay (pictured above) in Bangor, and then we headed in land and dressed before Megan thrust a bag full of scarf in to my hands and bade me open it saying 'I know it's only been three dates but...' and then stalling. Inside was a scarf with the words 'Will You Marry Me?' on it. Stunned, I squeaked 'Er, aye all right then' and then winked.

I was a little overwhelmed and full of concern - I mean we haven't even lived together yet. But then I realised that the three years of friendship and 2 years of dating online means that we already have that side of a relationship down. We're best mates over anything.

I just wanted to put this update out there. Maybe the couple that swims together stays together?

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