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Taking my top off in public

So here's a new thing I would like to write about. I think this will be a short post and it may get ranty and a bit... free the nipple-y. I am struggling, but loving taking my top off at the beach when I go swimming. It is both freeing and baffling. Like, why on earth is it more socially acceptable for me to go in the sea with my belly and nips out now than it was when I had boobs and lady nips?

Growing up female means I feel incredibly exposed when I take my top off and go swimming. I'm working on that by exposing myself to that as much as I am capable of. I don't like feeling chained to certain societal norms, especially now. I hate that I didn't feel like I could fight them before and am happy/proud to know some AFAB trans who felt they could. I thought about it and experienced a metric tonne of shame around it. I am fat, and had female breasts. Two things we MUST HIDE or else you open yourself up to scrutiny. We need to address this gap and make it more acceptable for skin to be just skin. It would help the trans movement as well as the feminist one. Not to mention body positivity shouldn't be just about women of a certain size. We need to promote healthy attitudes at all sizes and stop looking at chubby people and assume they are unfit or lazy.

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