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I've been away...

I don't want to get in to why I've been away too much, but suffice it to say, life hasn't been easy since I moved to Northern Ireland, and swimming became extremely low on the list of my priorities. My ankle broke... I was homeless... woe is me haha! But now my ankle has healed and I'm back in Scotland, I have already been swimming a lot more. I wanted to write a post detailing my intentions for this blog (hopefully I'll stick to them).

Basically, while I'm living at home, it's my intention to go sea swimming a lot. There are several lovely beaches near to me, and I fully intend on using them, but I also want to travel about, see friends, and check out new or different beaches. I've already been to Ayr but forgot to take pictures, and the beach was COVERED in jellies which, I'll be honest, gave me the heebie jeebies!

It's been wonderful rediscovering the sea after the hell I've been through. That we've all been through. I would still recommend this to anyone who can swim. Get yourself to the nearest clean beach and get in the sea. Also have a picture of my selfie face at the beach! (I promise I'm happy - just concentrating).

Anyway, I'll be going for a swim later today - pics and words to follow!

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