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Indoor swimming

Right now, I'm not swimming outdoors so much. Why? To be honest, jellyfish always throw me. However, as a promise to my physio therapist, I am now swimming 2/3 times a week indoors. And I can tell you, while I'm not a fan of swimming indoors in some respects, I'm able to track my fitness better. Right now, I'm only doing 10 lengths because I'm unfit and my joints are raging still (the road to fitness is loooong and bumpyyyy!) But my plan is to add 2 lengths each week. That way I'm constantly pushing myself.

What's weird for me is that the Gardyne still has gendered changing rooms and I'm used to places in Edinburgh which just have the wee genderless cubicles by the side of the pool. What's even weirder is that people tell me to use the men's. I say that because yes, I look like a young, chunky man, but inside, I still don't feel 'male'. I don't want to. Yes I love the physical attributes of being male bit the mental stuff? I'm very mixed with. Neither fish nor fowl, and I'm OK with that. But it always feels weird to me. Esp since men are so ok with getting naked with one another and talking. It's a weird part of assimilating that I'm struggling with. But it's such a small part that I don't really mind. I just wish it wasn't really a thing. Especially since I'm considering bringing my partner swimming with me this week, and they're nonbinary but pre any medical interventions. This means they have to decide which changing room to use. Neither of which is ideal for them. I may talk to the college about this, I don't know. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway! At the moment, I am getting stronger all the time and able to walk longer and better. I think by the end of this academic year, my body will be a lot fitter, and my brain should be up there too!

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