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New horizons

There will soon be a different beach, a different bunch of people and different smiles. I am going to Northern Ireland for a pre-move visit. My partner lives there and we are going to set up a life together and her kiddo. We'll be a beautiful little queer family. And that will involve open-water swimming together. I'm both excited and nervous about every aspect of it. I have struggled, in the past, with living with people. But I'm hoping that a new country with easy beach access and also friends already over there will mean that the transition will be easier. Also, I am hoping that this will mean more updates for you. I'm hoping to show you the new beaches I swim at and my thoughts on them and my experiences.

Right now, I'm a little stuck with two beaches and the same faces. There's not much to update you on other than that I still find peace when I lie back and look up at the sky while skulling the water with my hands. Do you know how to skull? You lie on your back and sort of scoop the water with your hands so you float slowly one way or the other. Its easy and relaxing to do. It's gentle and easy. I can turn my mind off in the water when I do it. I still get that freeing icy sensation that feels like I'm breathing for the first time when I duck my head under. Sometimes I come up with a loud 'graaaaaaaaah' and a head shake, not dissimilar to a stereotypical Tarzan chest beating 'ahhhh aahhhh'. I laugh and bounce around with glee. For a moment, I'm out of pain and weightless. For a moment, I'm a child again. And free.

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I'm excited for your new adventures and being able to live with your partner and the kiddo but I am going to miss knowing you are just 'up the road'. Ellen.x

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